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A celebration of the world we live in that takes you on a journey through the history of our connection to it, before detailing some of the marvels that are to be found in our world if we just take the time to live ‘now’ and engage with the wonders that surround us when we use our five senses to the full. For example you may know that the largest bird commonly in our skies is the buzzard, but did you know the amazing story of resurgence they embody, having gone from almost extinction to maximum population in just 40 years?

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*****Fantastic read

I bought this book as I love nature in all its many facets. Simon brings together nature and the spiritual benefits you can get from being outside among the flora and fauna in a really wonderful way that makes you realise how much we have cut ourselves off from it. It inspires you to go out and be a part of it again and to look with fresh eyes at our planet and how it can make us feel. I would definitely recommend this book.

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