The Three Year Pond


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Put simply an example of what can happen when you don’t know what you don’t know and what to do when your world comes crashing down around you.  No man or woman is an island, and this Simons story of how to accept help and maximise it.  This is interspersed with some lovely observations of the world we live in.

Lloyd Lundie

*****You can’t beat a real life story!

Simons story is of he’s last 3 years where he endured some ups and downs to put it lightly.
It’s a story of he’s Buisness and how with education he turned it around and with implementing systems and processes in he’s Buisness he ensured he had everything covered. The story was also of he’s private life and how he came to find peace and happiness and love. It’s really got everything but what it did for me was make me evaluate my life and my happiness and how to attract more positivity. By taking on board some of what simon talks about you can really change your life for the better.
I have to rate this 5 stars as it really did inspire me.
Thanks Simon and the best of luck for the rest of your life

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