Are you ready for an Awakening Walk?
Four amazing venues, four different seasons.
Experiences to awaken the senses, reconnect with nature & leave you feeling that little bit happier...

Our walking experiences bring you back to nature and the calm it brings.

Why should you come out on an experience?

  • You will experience our world in a new (old) way. I imagine you probably take the amazing world we live in for granted.
  • To take some ‘time out’.
  • You will learn about our countryside, our place in it and how we are connected to it..
  • To find some inner peace and calm your mind a little.
  • You will meet new people.

What will you get from a walk?

  • 3-4 hours of my time, and knowledge of our countryside. History, natural history and a little philosophy. We will also look at our world in a slightly ‘different’ way
  • Everyday tips on how to live a more worry free life.
  • The benefits of turning your phone off (or at least onto silent), for a while.
  • An understanding of living ‘NOW’.
  • How to learn from our world and realise what nature can do to guide us.
  • Experience nature ‘up close’.

For those that are unable to join us physically, we offer weekly shows and reading opportunities where we discuss connecting with nature and how this can still be experienced from your own home.

We also include a meal in the price, this maybe a pub meal or a deluxe Pack Lunch depending upon the venue.

Awakening Walks
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Fantastic walk today with Simon, I’ve had a rough time lately, my anxiety has been reaching new levels and I struggle to switch off but this was extremely relaxing and helped me relax, I found the first few hours of peace I can remember for a long time.

Luca J Britten Oct 2021
Unlock the secrets of the world...
Outdoor Experiences – Simon has carefully selected locations across Kent which will introduce you to parks and woodlands, lakes and farmland. You will be encouraged to touch, smell, and feel your way around these routes and this opportunity to sample our beautiful countryside is structured, enjoyable and enlightening all at the same time. Book your first….we’re sure you will come back for a second.
"I really enjoyed this book. It takes you on a journey..."

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