The Sheeple Principle


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We live our lives trapped by mortgages and loans, allowing ourselves to be manipulated by the government, that are quite happy for us to numb the pain if hurts too much. That then leads to other problems, addictions for example, which then can spiral out of control as other basic wants are not met. Finances run low, depression and anxiety increases, often leading to frustration, anger and violence. We cease feeling cosy and we need to feel more numb.

Often people don’t realise how far down the spiral they are until it’s too late. The end result is a society that has higher rates of suicide than at any time in history.

This book is a series of observations, combined with my realisation that I was in a downward spiral that I couldn’t sustain. My marriage, my business, my sanity, my self-esteem were all at stake and that was unacceptable.

These blogs begin shortly before I realised the source of my problems. I had already decided alcohol and tobacco were not the cure all I had once believed them to be and that there was an underlying problem that had never been addressed.

This book addresses that journey.


The sheeple principle and how to avoid it.


Honestly Simon, you’ve got a great way of verbalising what is going on in the majority of us anxious, broken peoples heads and hearts.

Thank you, Simon. Thank you for being the everyday man who is, through his own realisations, helping others.

Tamsin Bentley 2024

I love the raw soul bearing honestly that you have included and genuinely believe it will connect with a lot of people, especially those that are maybe on the start of their own growth journey or those still trapped and trying to find the courage to start!

Neil Emerton 2024

I never really understood what it was to suffer from Anxiety  I have heard the word and understood that it was associated with a persons mental health but without really understanding what it meant, however now I believe I know and understand a whole lot more than I did.

Also your love of both the countryside and teaching (and your wife and family) shines through the book

I am enjoying your book because you have done it in a very conversational way, you are telling stories just the way you would if we were sitting in the garden having a chat, its an easy and rewarding read.

Les Moroney 2024


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