Full moon on the Equinox

Good morning. It is the morning of the Equinox, the 21st September. There was a full moon last night. The full moon on the Equinox, which signifies that there’s a magic and there’s an energy in the world. The Equinox is about balance. When day and night are of equal length, it’s when you stop and think where is your life, where is you balance.

Are you balanced at the moment? Are you balancing work? Are you balancing time off? Are you balancing the food you eat? Are you balancing what you think about? Are you recognising those thoughts that are useful? Are you letting go of those that are not? Which is really hard.

There are times when you come out in the countryside and you look around you and you think, who else is spending their time worrying more about yesterday tomorrow than they are about enjoying today, that’s balance. That’s the Equinox. Look at what we have done over the year, what we’ve achieved, we celebrated it. What are we harvesting?

So, here’s the sun, making its first appeared, and as you can see that in seconds it seems to have almost climbed so it is half in the sky. It’s a beautiful sunrise on the Equinox, when the day comes in balance. Sometimes you have to get up to make the day longer, so that you can see more, experience more of it, so it can bring the things to you that you want, to generate a bit of you own luck.

Wow, have an amazing day!

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