When car and horse speak the same language.

Here’s a brain fryer for you.

Do inanimate creations have thoughts, or even will?

So, cast your mind back to the summer of 2022. I wrote a blog called, ‘why story telling is better than telling stories’.  I liked that title by the way. It described an equine encounter I’d had at the Little Horse Yard with, funnily enough,  a horse. Essentially the message had been about patience and how everything you are here to do, and want to do, is coming you just have to wait.

Well, the last eighteen months have been just that, waiting, whilst the obstacles that were in place were cleared.  I think its fair to say there’s been a certain amount of transition in my life since then, especially in the last few months.

That is clearly exampled by the coming together of me and my new car this week.  It’s been a long process too; let me explain. I’ll start at the beginning.  Well, it makes sense doesn’t it.

I’ve always liked Peugeot 207s, right from the time a fellow teacher had one back in 1997 when I began my career in teaching.  They just have a sporty and small thing going on that I just love.  So, when it made sense within the business that I was running for me to leave the vans to those dong the hard graft that I was doing less and less of, (thankfully) and get a small car for my running around I was chuffed that there was a 207 in the garage a few doors down from me. A test drive and the deal was done. I had a 207 in ‘grey’ that suited my colour palette at the time.  Got it sign written and we began building a relationship.

As Roger Taylor said, ‘I was in love with my car!’

Total reliability and character in a vehicle. Very happy. I’ve never given a car a name and didn’t here either, but let’s call her, (always a she aren’t they, because they have a bonnet I guess) ‘grey’. I was very forgiving, especially when ‘grey’ blew her speakers. Probably my fault. Don’t know what she thought of me, but we did many happy miles together, trebling her mileage in our time together.

Fast forward to summer 2023 and there’s a new Peugeot arrived at the garage. In blue too.  The same colour as the throat chakra is characterised by.  Throat, voice, speaking. Interesting. And a 12 plate. One of the last then. Uncharacteristically, I find myself attracted by this new ‘207’. Unfortunately. Fortunately? Although I could go and buy this car, reason takes over and I know emotions are running high.  Theres nothing wrong with my trusted steed ‘grey’ who has been strong sand faithful.

So, I don’t rush out and by ‘blue’. Even though I go passed every day and there she sits.

A few months go by and ‘blue’ is still on the forecourt, price reduced by £500.00. Oh my, temptation rises once again. Countered by common sense. Again, I don’t buy ‘blue’.

Fast forward again, December and ‘blue’ is further reduced by another £500.00. That’s an amazing price. Someone will buy ‘blue’ and it won’t be me.  In fact, I can’t imagine why ‘blue’ hasn’t been snapped up by some wise and insightful person.

As before, ‘grey’ is still giving great service and so emotions are held in check. ‘Blue’ stays on the forecourt. Each day I walk past with the dogs, I can’t believe ‘blue’ is still there.

AND then ‘grey’ begins to show age. The clutch decides not to be a clutch anymore. With gears engaged all I get for pushing on the accelerator is noise and very little forward motion.  I am upset, for sure. However, there is a part of me that can’t stop thinking about ‘blue’.

It turns out that to fix ‘grey’ will cost more than her value. It is also likely that ‘grey’ will need other healing in the months to come and a difficult decision will have to be faced.  A conversation with my wife is had. The pennies to buy ‘blue’ appear and the deal has to be done.  Part ex’ing ‘grey’ for blue brings a further reduction in price. ‘Blue’ comes at a very good price.

One shouldn’t put a value on these things, but well, it’s impossible not to.

Two days to wait. I say an emotional farewell to ‘grey’ and welcome ‘blue’ into my life.

All joking aside. I am sure that ‘blue’ was waiting for me to be in the right place so that we could pursue a future together for a while.

Now is the right time for that, financially, professionally, and with respect to ‘grey’.

Again, it’s a question of patience. It’s all coming, just like horse said.

This year will see the formation of Slow the Mind CIC, a new book, ‘The Sheeple Principle, and how to avoid it’, a new video, ‘Sordance’ filmed in the Lake District, with a score composed by Inside Out Beats and the Penine Way adventure.

This is the year to really begin helping others, and everything is falling into place.

Just ask ‘blue’ and ‘horse’.


Do inanimate creations have thoughts, or even will?

No idea!

Simon Pollard   Urban Countryman       January 2024.

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