The POWER of a Positive Decision

One of the secrets for a happy life, I believe, is to never give up. Remember why you are doing whatever you have chosen to do and keep chasing it. The payoff for persistence is huge, however, working out a positive plan B can be, a vital, if sometimes tricky, necessity.  I think it comes back to the difference between a reaction and a response. Let me explain…

On Monday I was expecting some great news. The number for the CIC I will be a director of. The  project, I have been working hard on, with fellow director Martin, for the last few months.  All the positives were there. We just needed the written proof. I even recorded a video about how to choose to be excited.  It did very well too. Incidentally, I have no idea why it did so well, but there you go, one of life’s little mysteries.

Anyway, when said envelope did arrive, it spelt out more delays. Briefly, the world crashed and yes, I sat down and just absorbed the news, (I’ll not call it bad news) and did nothing for a while.  Absorbed the news and my feelings about it.  That immediately makes whatever I do a response. Keep the power.

The more I thought about it, the more the news made sense. My wife is currently the President of the Rotary club of Dover, that’s keeps both of us busy. We have a holiday in July and in September I am walking the Penine Way; mostly because I want to, but also to raise awareness and funds to support my work in mental health. Then there’s a CIC to launch and we need to have some sort of celebration event for the walk too. I also have a book and a video to launch and release upon the world.

Fitting all that lot into an order that made sense with the necessary promotion required wasn’t making sense. These things have a flow, and nothing seemed to ‘flow’.

The more I thought about it though, the delay made sense. Let me explain. Instead of having a launch for Slow the Mind CIC, maybe in August, and a celebration event for the walk, maybe end of October, beginning of November, we could do both on the same occasion. Simpler and less effort. We can put all promotional efforts before the walk into the walk alone, whilst working on the CIC behind the scenes. Theres a ‘flow’ there too. The book and video launch may well be much sooner and the path for that is clearing too. The book launch didn’t really fit into the walk or CIC launch either so that made sense too.

All that felt good.  Thank heavens I didn’t just react and throw out all my dummies at once. As a secondary bonus, it also meant that I had time to finish clearing out all the other distractions that get caught up in a period of transition, or at least do in the period of transition I’m in right now. That felt good too. That was powerful.

Everything happens for the best.   Feels good.

However, the moment that inspired this blog was the following day. I am currently completing an NVQ. It is not something I want to do, or have any real interest in, I don’t get paid for doing it either, but it’s part of the day job, so as in all things, I choose to be positive and do the best with it that I can.  It’s been tough lately and I’ve had a couple of run ins with my assessor. 

The thought though, that was positive, really positive, was why not use this time to smash out the remaining essays I have notes for.  It’s a real slog writing them and I struggle to do more than 30 -40 minutes without some satisfying form of mental stimulation.  So more enjoyable tasks interspersed for mental stimulation with the  monotony of essay writing. The thought of just smashing them out and putting them behind me, well, except for the inevitable revisions, is intoxicating. Knowing they would keep the assessor snowed under makes me smile too.

The real buzz though is the positivity of the decision. Knowing how good I will feel with them done, and out of the way is massive.

The cliché, behind your greatest fear lays your greatest success. Could be balanced by behind your greatest reluctance lays your greatest celebration.

The power of a positive decisions.

I just have to follow my own advice and carry out that decision now.

And all that came from some perceived ‘bad’ news.

What powerful decision could you make today that would change your world?

Simon Pollard  Urban Countryman March 2024

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