There are times, you know, when you have to consider the world is trying to tell you something.  I write a lot about that.  Look for the learning is a title I have used commonly.  What can you learn by using your senses when in the countryside, or anywhere else for that matter?  Or when observing the behaviour of the creatures around us.  You may remember the blog called, ‘the buzzard that showed the way’, for example.  In the View Over the Wall, I wrote about freewill, divine will and the power of aligning the two together.  The fact that there is no such thing as coincidence and if loads of things all happen on a theme or close together it makes sense to pay attention.

Well right now I am seriously getting a message to stop.  Stop making videos that is.

Let me explain.

Last summer I took steps to get my You tube monetised. I’ve made many videos and like to think I’m quite good presenting content as well as filming and editing them together, so it made sense.

From that moment I have had serious technical difficulties, none of which have allowed me to get a video of any length made and released. Oh, the irony…

I had a vision last summer.  Very powerful and intense.  A vision is ineffectual without the telling though.  I planned as to how I might spread the meaning to the world.  I spoke to several people, and they all said, ‘I think you ought to prepare the world, before you spread the word’. 

Fair enough. I went into the woods and filmed several videos.  I also filmed some in the fields behind my house and on holiday in Shropshire. I was really pleased with some of the footage too.

A lot of the footage I shot in the woods was in one take but needed splitting into sections.  Because there were a lot of clips they needed cutting and renaming.  Yep, software can’t do that.  Used the help facility, not just me, it definitely doesn’t do that.

Great, reshot the footage in lots of little clips. Not nearly as good as before.  Tried editing them but wasn’t happy with the end result.

Copied the original footage lots of times, named each section and then edited out the bit I wanted for each one.  Seemed to be working, but very time consuming.

Began editing, spent a few hours on it and was really pleased with the results.  Until the software began freezing up on me.  Every time I loaded the edits I had done the software froze.  Then the computer started freezing up to. 

Time to get in the IT guys.

They thought that because I run AutoCAD and Video editing software that my computer was struggling to do what was needed.  RAM and disc space and lots of words like that.  Lots of conversation and a new base unit later, new updated software and everything later, and off we go, optimistic that the problem has been solved and we can forge ahead once again.

Except that now the audio and video are out of phase, that makes editing very difficult.  My photo and video storage process is also now different because Apple have changed the way everything works.  Still haven’t got to the end of that one yet either.  We have been trying to use a one drive app, but that keeps vanishing.

Several wipes and reloads and finally it looks like we have sorted out the phasing. So, I try out a simple video edit.  All looks good until I go to render the video and the programme has changed the audio levels. Not me I promise you.  I can’t hear myself over the background music.  Never let that happen.

No problem, I’ll just re edit the audio and render the video again.  This time there is a very loud hiss over the whole of one video clip.  I replace and re edit that video clip.

And one of my speakers stops working.

SHOUT, SCREAM, CALL THE IT GUY. Restart, programmes, PC, connect up another source.  Yep speakers are no good. No luck.

Then I thought, unplug the speakers from the mains, I did, and they work!!!  Damn it!

I then go back to the original edit of the video and all seems to be working, just a little volume issue to sort.  Render it and the awful hiss is back.

There is definitely a demon at work here somewhere. 

Six months and everything has been changed and updated, and highly competent professionals have been consulted and used. and the issue is still not sorted.

What is it about that message?  Or that vision?

And why can’t I take advantage of my YOU Tube monetisation.

How do you know when its time to stop and when should you say ‘I want this’ and persistently keep pushing forward?  Definitely think there’s a message here.

Freewill? Divine will? Sometimes it makes no sense.

At least my speakers are working again!

P.S. the latest version of the video doesn’t work either!

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