The Wrens in the Eagle

Can you see, there’s two wrens, one of the fence ticking and one on the foot of eagle. We’ve got the eagle couple years ago as a momento from holiday. One of the wings got knocked off when our elder that collapsed in the wind. It was being repaired when this was recorded. We’ve just discovered that the wrens are nesting in the body of the eagle. Absolutely unreal, you can see them going in and out.

This is one of those absolute. Wow moments. One of those moments when you say this is why we have a wildlife friendly Garden. Literally the youngsters are just fledging. They’re just starting to fly and they’re not very good at it yet.

Wrens are the most amazing  small Birds.

They’re feisty. They’re full of aggression. They have the most beautiful loud melodic song.

For us to have the youngsters fledging, and nesting in the eagle in our garden is one of those absolutely wow moments, one of those moments where you go. ‘Yeah’. I absolutely love this.

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