Beating the Worry Monster, or Do BANG the DRUM

There’s no two ways about it I needed a lift this morning.  It’s not always bad news that gets ya, it’s a continual lack of really good news.  Lots of little things that build up; and you have to deal with them.

Normally I try to write about things with a ‘you’ focus, because obviously you’re more interested in you, than you are me, but to get my point across, I’m gonna have to talk about me…

I had the best January within my business ever, hey WOW!!!  Get that, the best January EVER!!!

  • Unfortunately, that was followed by the worst February ever.  That can play on your mind.
  • This month I have had a lot of consultations, but as I write this, none of them have converted into commissions.  That can play on your mind. 
  • My wife got involved in a car accident, nothing major, but that can play on your mind. 
  • My son and his girlfriend are having a baby. I’m going to be a grandad, WOW, but they have decided to keep the whole thing a secret.  That’s up to them, but to not share good news?  She may be here, but no one knows. Again, with respect, that’s up to them, that can play on your mind. 
  • There is a lot of animal sign out there at the moment, I have worked out individual occurrences, but what’s the bigger picture, what am I missing?  Haven’t worked it out yet, that’s playing on my mind.
  • And then yesterday, with a guest coming to stay and only one toilet in the house, the macerator decides to stop working.  That’s usually a terminal occurrence, involves ordering a new one and several hundred quid and a couple of days without a toilet, or a bath, shower or wash.  Minor inconvenience for a bloke, but approaching trauma for the fairer sex.  I.e. my wife and our guest.
  • Our usual plumber just said, ‘I don’t do macerators’. That sucked, and played on my mind. Especially when he didn’t call me back, he just texted. That played on my mind too.
  • I decided to forego my usual morning exercises to spend time with my wife and got into trouble then too. That played on my mind.

So, woke up ‘not feeling it’ this morning. 

  • Actually, let’s take stock, that’s the first positive, right there. I WOKE UP! 
  • Second, I woke up before the alarm and as it hasn’t gone off the last couple of day, probably operator error, so I waited until it was supposed to go off. IT DID!
  • Meditation, found one on healing ancestral trauma, felt right, so I went with it.  That was powerful.
  • Uneventful walk, good, and bad…
  • Exercise, tried some new combinations, so not perfect, but great for concentration and awareness, and learning, so getting better.
  • At the end of the exercise session I have been practicing moves with my eyes shut.  Have you ever tried doing practiced movements with your eyes shut? It’s hard. I can do them in the dark, and in the winter, often do, but eyes shut is a whole different discipline.  I managed a tree pose on each leg this morning, with my eyes shut. A lot of wobbling, but I did it. AWESOME.
  • Off loaded (calmly) to my wife, who listened. That helped. Didn’t need advice. That helped too.
  • Remembering that if life in whatever way is hard, then it’s an opportunity to learn.  That’s always cool.
  • Macerator, went into our, local plumbers merchants yesterday.  They organised a new macerator. Found out that one of those they had on the shelf would do the job. Result.  The last two I have fitted myself, but it’s a sh1tty job, no pun intended, and as the new one was a different size, some adjustment was bound to be needed, I didn’t want to do it. They also gave me the number of a local plumber who said, ‘I’ll see you at yours in 15 minutes’, when I called him.  How often does that happen? With a happy wife and a guest who can now stay, that was a feeling of elation and relief. PHEW!
  • Tuesday, I went to present a design to a client.  Talked through the design and she just said, ‘Brilliant, you’ve nailed it’.  WOW, she did have one other comment, ‘Where are the monkey bars?’  Easily addressed.  I’ve had some difficult clients recently, so that was just superb.  The monkey bars have been added and the design sent.  AWESOME, I needed that. I am good at what I do.
  • And there are masses of sparrows on the feeder I mentioned last week that’s awesome too.
  • I’ve got to sort my lead magnet, I’ve been putting that off, but I’m going to do that this morning. I will do it, and I will succeed at it, or I will learn from it! And ask for help.
  • I am going to spend time banging on my drum shortly. That’s going to be awesome too.  Some might say that’s what I’ve been doing here, but that’s one whole other story.

That’s a whole lot of ticks, some time you just have to go look for them.

Don’t be down, decide not to be…

Simon Pollard Urban Countryman

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