A clients View of the 5 Senses around Westbere Lake.

We never had a client send us a video of their experience before, so this was a lovely momento. Many thanks to Richard. Here’s the testimonial his partner David sent us.

I gotta say both Richard Hiatt and I truly enjoyed our time yesterday with Simon Pollard of Simple Life Circle on one of his Five Senses Walks.

We were able to put aside our mobile phones and the busy business world we live in (and how ironic it happened on a day when Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp Died! 🤣) and spend some time in nature.

Simon was very engaging and knowledgeable and helped us spot things we would normally have skipped out.

I would highly recommend you give the walks a chance and experience them yourself! Even more so if you feel often highly stressed and disconnected from the world!

Thank you again for your time, Simon Pollard 🙏

David Breaker Oct 2021

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