To Dream, Journey or look for Wild Sign?

Do you ever feel like there’s something you are missing? 

Or that there’s something going on and you can’t quite figure it out?

Or even that you’re just hitting your head against a brick wall for no purpose?

I’m, sure the answers ‘Yes’.

It certainly is for me.  And just lately I’ve been more confused than ever.

I’ve blogged and written before about ‘wild sign’ and journeying.  I discussed the messages of ‘buzzard’ in the View Over the Wall, and how not following that message cost several thousand pounds.  I blogged about the buzzard who showed the way. As well as messages and insight from horse, kestrel and even squirrel.  There’s always insight and advice out there if you just look, and if you miss it the first time it will come again and again.

I’ve blogged about journeying before too.  Waking dreams, where you question your subconscious.  You have a question and you look for the answer.  Sometimes what comes back is staggering, and sometimes there is nothing.  Native Americans will tell you it’s not the journey or vision that’s important, but the telling.  I had a vision last year and unintentionally it never got told.  I think maybe that’s why I have had so many difficulties conveying messages ever since, which I am only just managing to overcome now some six months or so later.

That message will be told!

It can be difficult in our modern technological world to accept some of these ‘spiritual’ insights.  We are requested to be able to hold a ‘thing’, touch a ‘thing’, measure and quantify a ‘thing’.  If we can’t then it can’t positively exist.

Except it can.  Definitely. So where else effectively does religion come from?  However, that’s another question. Read ‘the View Over the Wall’ for some suggestions.

Yesterday I had a dream.  A dream so real and vivid it was like watching a movie.

I never dream! At least I never remember them.  I meditate in a kind of half conscious, half unconscious state, but rarely remember dreams.

Yesterday I had a dream, a dream so real it took a little while to re orientate myself to ‘now’,   I checked the woman next to me was my wife and my phone to make sure the date and time was as it should be, or at least as I believed it to be. It was a bit like the matrix movie, had I taken the ‘red’ pill?

The woman was my wife and the date and time was as I believed it should be, had I taken the ‘blue’ pill?

I was really shaken, took me a good fifteen minutes to reorientate myself and do the only sensible thing and put the kettle on, before I discussed what had happened with my wife, wrote everything I remembered in my journal and then went out with the dogs to think about what I had just experienced.

Then it all fell into place. I think I know what I was meant to learn from the dream. What something was trying to tell me.

I need to spend some time thinking through all the wild sign I have experienced just lately might mean in conjunction with the dream and what I should do, if anything.

Lucky then, that I have a few days off coming shortly…

Watch this space.

Simon Pollard   Urban Countryman

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