I’ve just come back from an awesome couple of days in London. One of the experiences I had, this was my wife’s birthday trip, was a visit to the PROUD Embankment All Stars Cabaret.

At first I really struggled. I have no problem with people having any sexual orientation they choose, but to see nearly naked men, prancing around the stage made me feel uncomfortable. To be fair, the women didn’t need to be that naked either, and I’d hate to be thought of as a prude.

But later, what I saw was an awesome community of people who were incredibly proud of who they were and the community they were in. Everyone was mucking in, from the ‘Stars’ to those waiting at tables, those on the door, the stage crew, even the management.
It was a bit like the amazing community and sense of belonging you see in the movie, ‘The Greatest Showman’.

That was awesome.

Look passed the obvious, there is always a deeper and more vital interpretation in peoples lives or the way they choose to live.

STOP. There’s a parallel.

I’m Simon, Countryman and modern day Pagan.

If I can see passed my initial prejudices, and see people who are proud of who they are, then I should do the same and be proud of who I am in my life, then my community will support me.

I shot the video attached here a few weeks ago whilst I was in the woods, I was unsure about putting it on Social Media, I was afraid no one would ‘get it’, or understand.

But it’s me, it’s what I am, what I believe, and hopefully you will get why I do what I do.

If you do, lets have a chat, or go for a walk, or even come on one of my walks.

Simon Pollard Countryman and Modern Day Pagan.

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