Rory’s Peace.

Rory was sat outside the main office at work.  His boss had called and asked him to come in for a meeting.  As he sat and thought about the meeting and what its content might be, he also reflected on the last couple of days he’s had done the walk experience. He’d never have known that the way you can take responsibility for the way you think can absolutely change your life.

It’d been hard, and he knew he still had a long road ahead. He’d been coasting for most of his life and hadn’t known it. Nothing particularly good or bad had ever happened before mum had lost her job, but even that hadn’t actually happened to him. That made it hard to really understand what mum had gone through, however, now he had some understanding of the way she had felt.

When Rory had got home after the walk he’d still been lost in thought, he hadn’t seen mum on his way in, or seen her smiling in the kitchen, as he made his way straight to the bath. Simon had suggested that a bath, or an open fire, was the best place to be after a long day in the countryside.  He hadn’t got an open fire, so a bath it would have to be.

Rory lit a candle and shut the curtains. He sat in the bath when it was only half full and made it as hot as he could stand.  When he finally lay back into the water and felt its warmth envelop his whole body, he felt a sense of overwhelming peace.  He wondered if that had anything to do with his body remembering when it was in his mothers womb.  Simon had said that your body remembers its connection to the world, it was only his mind that had forgotten.  That was quite profound. At least Rory thought so.

It was only now that Rory also realised that he hadn’t looked at his phone since he started the day.  He also realised that he’d liked that too. Simon had suggested putting his phone on silent, or at least turning off all the notifications.  Stop it continually nagging at his attention.  He’d do that after he had dried himself and felt more chilled than he did already. Wow, was that possible. He smiled again.

It was over an hour later when he descended the stairs and went to talk to his mum.

‘Well, how was it?’ she enquired. Rory sat down and just smiled.

‘That good?’

Rory just nodded.

And then they just talked for an hour or so, before he ran out of stories to tell, and they just sat in silence.

Rory spent the next couple of days watching his thoughts and when they became a little negative he’d go for a walk, or just go out into the garden. Or grab his favourite energy drink and sit with his mum and ask her to talk with him. He’d been designing again, but noticed that his designs had changed, they were still out there, but there were natural things creeping in, leaves, feathers and stones, or rocks.  That connection was beginning to become apparent, permeating every aspect of his beginning. Present in all he did.

As he sat in the chair outside of his bosses office, he began to see the allegation as a really positive experience.  He felt more alive than he’d every realised he could and that was from just one day in our countryside.  He was beginning to realise that he needed to get back out there again.  Maybe after this meeting. There would still be time to celebrate, or heal his hurts. He didn’t want to lose his job, but, as a result of all the learning it had provided, he was grateful and that included getting suspended.

Just then the door opened and his boss ushered him into his office and indicated he should sit. He was smiling and Rory knew his suspension was all over.

‘Hey Rory’, smiled his boss, ‘it’s all over, we want you back as soon as possible.  Assuming that is, you want to come back’.

Rory looked his boss straight on and replied. ‘Yes, definitely’.  Despite feeling calm and peaceful and extremely grateful for the experience he’d been through this last week, he felt a massive sense of relief flood through him and a sense of excitement. He was pleased with himself for holding himself together, he’d faced this allegation and been found ‘not guilty’.

‘How’s Freddie?’ he enquired.

‘Just as full of herself as ever’, said his boss. ‘We haven’t told her anything yet. I imagine she’ll just carry on as though nothing has happened. You should too. Just be ready to talk if she decides she wants to.  She has changed her story three times during the investigation. She’s nowhere near as confident as she’d like us to believe. The aggression’s just a front.’

‘We are all glad to have you back. We’ll get the rota adjusted, have a formal return to work meeting and then it’ll be business as usual.’

Rory sat for a few minutes more before getting up, leaving the office and work before heading back off to Black Cow Park. 

The place of transformation.

Simon Pollard    Urban Countryman Jan 2024.

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