Summer Walk Experience from White Horse Wood, Maidstone


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White Horse Woods, Maidstone, ME14 3JE



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10:00 am


Do you love nature? Yes!
Do you love being outdoors? Yes!
Would you like to spend some time away from the busy technological world we live in? Yes!
Would you like a little time out? Yes!

Why not Join us at White Horse Wood on Sunday 14th November for a relaxing and informative walk experience.

“I would highly recommend you give the walks a chance and experience them yourself! Even more so if you feel often highly stressed and disconnected from the world!”

David Breaker Oct 21

The activities have really helped me focus on the world around in a way I never have before. I have finished the day now and have so much more to think about and focus on than before. I am definitely booking onto another of these.

Sue Carver Oct 2020.

“The finale, was a 10minute silence sat at the foot of the most amazing tree, something that I thought I would get bored of and I had done many a time, however what was different – Simon encouraged us to be completely still, we kept our phones away and we didn’t talk, something I had never done. What then ensued, was something that I can only compare to the film Avatar. Due to our silence, squirrels played together like in a school playground all around us, a variety of birds chirped right into our ears and you felt the energy of the tree roots right beneath us. I had sat at the foot of a tree ‘experiencing nature’ so many times before, however with Simons tuition, it was something else.”

Kieran Osbourne October 2021

This experience is at

White Horse Woods, Maidstone, ME14 3JE