It’s Gone Full Circle, or Wheels within Wheels.

‘It’s gone full circle’, or ‘wheels within wheels’, or ‘what goes around comes around’ are cliches that we hear and use frequently. There’s good reason for that, there are circles and cycles everywhere, our lives are dominated by them.  The ‘trunk’, the large first section in ‘the View Over the Wall’, is full of them and we’ll briefly cover them here, but the reason for this blog is due to the number of times someone said one of these cliches on Saturday at the ‘feed your soul’ event I had the great pleasure of taking part in. 

Usually in reference to events or happenings that had happened as a result of ‘putting it out there’, stating to or reacting to events from the universe, or a series of events that follow on from each other and many would write off as coincidence.  Of course, those in the ‘know’ know there is no such thing as coincidence.  What goes around, comes around. Cliché right there.

Or events happen because you made a contact here or followed up something there and then someone did…. Wheels within wheels. You get the picture. Cliché.

However, there’s something about circles, we can’t avoid them, they are everywhere. Our lives are dominated by them.  Analogue clocks are a circle, there are two rotations in a day, day is followed by night is followed by day, put seven of those together and you get a week (man-made rotation) and if you put 4 of those together you have a lunar cycle, 28 days!  Incidentally that matches the lady’s fertility cycles… Thirteen of those and you have a year or solar orbit by the Earth. Not forgetting the seasonal cycle that used to dominate our lives and forms the basis for the Celtic Wheel of the Year which is in itself circular and celebrates the way our life used to be , and still does, if we acknowledge the way our world still cycles.

There are other cycles in nature too, birds nests and animal burrows are always round , the way an oxbow lake is formed is circular, formed by moving water.  They even permeate our world too, possibly most commonly found these days in roundabouts, but traditionally our houses were also round and this can be seen by looking at most of the homes of indigenous populations.  Native American teepees, early castles and forts were all round.

The cycle of birth to death is circular, especially if you believe as many do, that there is also a journey from death to birth.  These is a version of life that suggests we travel from childhood to childhood and that’s becoming more evident I think…

This is also useful in realizing that there is movement in all things, good and bad.  If you are having the time of your life, downtimes will still come, and transversely if you are in a really bad place, good times will come.  If currently you are having a hard time and life is difficult, it will change.  The energy needed to drive a storm is huge, whatever the storm is, wind or undesirable events.  Eventually the storm will blow out…

How does that impact you? I’d like to suggest building a round house but that’s impractical.  Realising that where-ever you are, will change, whether physically, mentally or emotionally; I find this especially useful when life is not as I want it, it will get better.  Keeps me focused when life is tough and helps me to remember to enjoy every moment when I’m on top of the world.  Take nothing for granted. Enjoy all the brief moments we have on this planet, whatever they are.  Notice what’s happening with the world around us helps to celebrate the life around us and feel a part of it, connected, knowing that all things change, it’s natural law. 

Its’ not about you, it’ll happen anyway.

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