I have Anxiety!

I suffer with anxiety.  Fact.  I think its always been there, but I just didn’t have a name for it.

You know it’s that gut wrenching tightening in your stomach that threatens to engulf you, it can keep you awake at night, it makes every minor drama feel like a catastrophe.  It makes every potential future a disaster and feeds on over analysis of the things we do day by day, the conversations we have, or have had.

It makes us feel like we have two large lead weights on our shoulders, it makes it hard to get out of bed, off our chair and can render us inactive.  Can affect the way we see ourselves and the value we have to offer, sometimes to the point that we will choose to do nothing.

What’s even worse is that sometimes we are not aware of how much it’s affecting us until the overbearing load is lifted.

Sometimes the cause is external, and we can identify where the feeling comes from, but sometimes it just comes from nowhere, or somewhere only a psychologist can fathom.

I hate it, sometimes, for as long as I will allow that emotion to exist in me. 

But most importantly, I absolutely refuse to be dominated by it.

I also refuse to take medication for it.  That’s hard sometimes too, but everything I read reinforces that opinion.

As a result, I look continually for ways to manage it.  Even feed off it.

I’m making some progress too.  The times when my wife will look at me and just ask how I’m doing reduce.  She knows.

So where did I start to look to find some peace, and calm in myself, for me?  In my first love, the countryside, a place that is in our heritage, that is part of our DNA.  That was a starting point, also having discipline, for myself, that’s massive too.  That can be hard, but the rewards are huge.

And remember, as my coach says, ACT Actions Cure Things.

Mental Health is a major concern in today’s world for many of us I want to help people manage their worries and concerns.  If you would like to know more then message me, or as a small first step, to get to know me check out one of my books, they are on Amazon.

Thank you for your time.

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