Even without the Fairy Godmother…

I was having a chat, or discussion with my wife the other day. We had watched Cinderella a day or two before. A movie, incidentally, that I love, and I happened to say something along the lines of ‘life should be like a fairy tale, don’t you think?’  Initially she looked at me like I had lost the plot.

No pun intended.  And its not just because I have a tendency to wear frock coats either.

Let’s just think about it for a minute, what exactly is a fairy tale?

A fairytale is a genre of magical story usually originating in folklore.  Typically, a poor, brave, and resourceful hero or heroine goes through testing adventures to eventual good fortune and love. They include a wondrous or magical element, and include fantasy, supernatural or make-believe aspects.

Let’s start at the beginning then. Why shouldn’t you be the poor brave or resourceful hero or heroine?  The first component for that to happen then is belief.  I struggle with that, still. However, by a little luck and by conscious decision, I am slowly collecting a fantastically supportive group of people around me. People who believe in me and find ways to say ‘yes, we can do that’, I still need that pointing out to me from time to time.  Recently whilst struggling, perceiving I been let down again, my wife pointed out that ‘she had never let me down’.  Amazingly obvious, however I needed reminding.  Belief will always lead to resourcefulness.

However, I am starting to believe. Anxiety makes imposter syndrome difficult to put away. Entirely.

Brave? Well I’m not about to start bungee jumping or getting in the ring with Anthony Joshua either.  Both require a certain amount of madness and whilst I may have a certain amount of madness, it’s not that type of madness.  However, if I start feeling fear about something that is part of the every day then that is my que to stand up and step forward. If I am living my own fairytale then I have to be brave.  No mean feat when anxiety is still rolling around in there…  Giving a presentation to a large group of people, in a frack coat is scary. But I won’t back down, I know that the euphoria on the other side of that fear is one of the things that makes life so special.

Whilst on the subject of frock coats, they are a symbol to me of how far I’ve come. I always wanted to wear them, always loved them, but was always to scared, or they just didn’t fit in with the image I wanted to portray in my need to fit in with a group or culture.  Well now I just want to be me, and they are a huge part of that.  It can be incredibly scary to walk out of my front door in them, but they feel so right, and I am comfortable in them. Very comfortable. There is still a part of me though that is afraid of what I perceive people will say, or think.  However, all I’ve had have been the most amazing compliments. When I have some pennies, I really want one like Kits in Cinderella, the green one with the leaf embroidery. Amazing.

We’ve never had lots of money either; however we always seem to manage to pay the bills, one way or another.  Whilst we are not paupers, we have to make sure we make the most of every penny and value them.

Testing time.  I think if you’ve read any of my blogs, or books come to that, then I hope you’ll agree I’ve battled through my fair share of difficulties.  Too many to go into here.

A fairytale should be a romance too.  Well sure enough There’s been a journey there too.  I cried massive tears on my wedding day.  My wife and I have shared some stuff too. She is my rock, my friend, lover partner and critic. We have been living happily ever after for a while now and fully intend to do so for as long as possible.

Even without the Fairy Godmother, well, we make out own luck. We make our own magic. Theres no doubt about that.  Another lovely cliché, ‘believe and you shall receive’. It’s hard to receive until you believe, because until you receive you tend not to believe. The problem then though is that you still receive what you believe.

If you focus on riches that is what you will receive.  The difficulty is to focus on what you want, rather than the lack of it. If you focus on not having enough money, then that is what you will receive.

Sometimes blind faith requires belief, and maybe that’s bravery.

One other thing, in many fairytales, our heroes talk to animals on a regular basis, well as the native Americans and many other indigenous people will tell you, the animals and plants have never stopped talking, it’s just that we’ve stopped listening.

Good fortune? Well, its coming. No other option.

Is life a fairy tale? Absolutely.

How could you make your life a fairly tale?

Simon Pollard Urban Countryman March 2024.

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