Be Patient

The eagle eyed among you will remember the picture that I posted on Monday, the five suggestions for living a good life.
I’ll state them again;
Have a grateful heart,
Be yourself,
Dream big,
Say I love you,
Believe in Miracles.
I asked for suggestions for the 6th suggestions and was pleased that folks got involved, suggestions included Smile, what other people think of you is none of your business, be kind, even to those who don’t deserve it, judge nobody, even yourself amongst others. Brilliant, thank you!  I could write a blog about each and every one of those and may well do so at a later date.
Here’s my suggestion.
If you look around you there are so many examples of just that.  Every other creature and organism on this planet seems to be aware of it, even if not consciously. There is a natural pace to life that all life seems to adhere to.  Trees grow at a pace that is manageable depending on the conditions that are around them.  All animals take it easy for the most part.  Cows and sheep wander at a slow natural pace constantly. Only changing pace if danger threatens. Horses will occasionally appear to gallop around their field almost demonstrating a joy for life, but are generally slow paced. 
Buzzards don’t relentlessly flap their wings to gain height, they know that by spreading their wings and circling above hills that they will rise effortlessly.  Your cat will most likely curl up and sleep for long periods, only expending lots of energy if it’s looking to catch dinner and the same is true of all animal and bird life in the countryside.
So much of life cannot be hurried.  You have to set it in motion and then let it happen.  Possibly the most obvious example is sleep.  You cannot make yourself go to sleep, it will take you when it’s ready.  Sometimes thats inconvenient, coming when you have things you believe you should be doing. And sometimes its inconvenient because you’re finding it hard to go to sleep when you want to.  However, you have to let it happen.
Often, it’s easier to let yourself get comfortable, then sleep will find you by itself.
Be patient.
I design gardens, that’s my main source of income, so to speak.  Patience is necessary on two levels.  Firstly, inspiration for the actual design.  Sometimes I know exactly what the garden will look like from the first visit.  It’s almost as if the land speaks to me.  That’s great, but often I have to be patient and let it happen, as it always does; the process begins one thing will lead to another and the design emerges.  I often do the design through several sessions and as I do that the concept will all come together.  It can take a week or two, I must be patient.  I allow for this in the time scales I give my clients so that they know too.
I and my clients have to be patient.
The other element of be patient regards the planting. You can buy big mature plants, but they are expensive, after all, you’ll be paying for several years ground rent and care.
Buying smaller plants and looking after them is cheaper and far more rewarding too.  Just like having children, you plant the seed and then take responsibility for the outcome.  You can’t rush growth.
There is only one creature on this earth that is impatient and wants everything now.  That’s us, humans.   We have our egos and self-image to satisfy and that can be hard. We don’t rush our children’s growth, but when it comes to material possessions or ill health, we often have no patience at all.
Recovery takes time and something that has had to be saved or planned for has far greater value than something obtained with no effort.
As we age, we often begin to enjoy the wait and become aware of the pleasure in that too.  A holiday for example is often best if we contain our expectations and enjoy looking forward to it.
We recently got to enjoy some concerts that we had booked before the lockdown, we waited for over two years.  Each and every one of them was utterly worth the wait.
As my son grew up he would become envious of many of his friends who seemed to be enjoying far greater freedom than he did.  We had many discussions that would end up with the phrase, ‘just be patient mate, it’s all coming’.
He is far calmer than many of his mates and as a result he builds stronger friendships and manages his relationship with his excitable reactive life partner calmly, they are a great match for each other.
He enjoys life because he is patient.
As far as I can see those who utilise the natural pace of life and make decisions gently are generally far happier than those who just react and bounce around and mask their problems.
Sixth suggestion.

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